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Why You Need the App

Do you use waiting as an OPPORTUNITY to build crucial brain connections, life skills and strengthen relationships?

Most parents do not think of waiting as time that can be used to for such important purposes.

When waiting with your child in a line or at a restaurant, or to relieve boredom and pass the time, what best describes your parenting practice?

  1. Have child do something on my phone; movie, game etc.

  2. Play some kind of game with your child like “I Spy” or another activity like a song or story

  3. You look at your phone

  4. Let them figure it out, in other words you don’t do anything

Most parents do not feel confident in their abilities to wait longer than 10 minutes with children without giving them a screen to look at. They do not have ideas of what to do instead.

The WHILE WE’RE WAITING APP is a tool for doing just that!

Life with the app and Life without...

Preview of the App!

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