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This page consists of personal recommendations. These toys and activities are AMAZING alternatives to screen use.

Magnetic Designer


This would be a great activity to keep a child occupied in the shopping cart or in the car or in any waiting situation. Allows them to use their hands and movement to pass the time without screens. 

magnetic designer.webp
Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 9.25.28 AM.png

Baby Cards

Provides relationship development opportunities and activities that are screen free. They promote early cognitive development and they are research based. 

Pull String Toy

EXCELLENT alternative to screens: This pull string toy provides cause and effect experiences and promotes initiative both important developmental work for toddlers. Perfect for car seats, shopping carts and stroller time. 

pull string.jpg

Goopreen Busy Board

Can be used for travel

Full of sensory activities to keep busy for any travel or immobile experience.

Baby Einstein Curiosity Clutch

Fidget for all ages. Keeps little hands busy during any waiting.

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